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Classification of hotels

Hotel classification determines the quantity and quality of hotel services, as well as facilitates the travelers and guests get an idea of a guaranteed set of services that can be provided by the hotel of the selected class. Hotels are classified on the basis of their certification, which can be carried out at the national or international level.

Their national hotel classification standards adopted in each country. The most common stellar classification system based on the French national system of classification, which is based on the division of hotels categorized by one of the five stars. The higher the number of stars assigned to the Certification Commission the hotel, the more comfortable feel to it tourists. In some countries, other symbols of "star" hotel. Especially for you, we present their correspondence with each other in the table.

★☆☆☆☆1 class2 crownD
★★☆☆☆2 class3 crownC3 category
★★★☆☆3 class4 crownB2 category
★★★★☆4 class5 crownA1 category
★★★★★5 class6 crownde Luxe

Class hotel


Typically, these hotels are located on the outskirts of the city or in the disadvantaged areas of cities. By itself, it's a small hotel, 6-10 rooms, which is a family business. One-star hotel food is not provided, and quite often the entrance after the morning is prohibited for guests. From furniture in a small room just two beds, bedside table and chair.

hotel class 1 starhotel class 1 star

Class hotel


In these hotels facilities a little more than the previous class. Agencies use accommodation in hotels of this class, if necessary, to provide accommodation for travelers on the tour routes where tourists need only bed and breakfast. From the furniture in the room are a bed, a table, a chair, and in some embodiments, the shell. Sometimes the level of two stars implies a shower room and a TV for control, which will have to pay. Restrictions on the entry there at night. B is normally present.

hotel class 2 starhotel class 2 star

Class hotel


This is the most common type of hotels. In a room of the hotel are required to attend all the amenities: telephone, TV, mini-bar. Rooms are single and double with one big bed or two twin little. There are triple rooms for parents with a child. The service provided by the hotel three stars class may vary for different countries. In Europe, in the class three star hotel - less services than in Greek. They exist certain regularities: typically, the higher and the more comfort to provide additional services, the hotel is located next to the center.

hotel class 3 starhotel class 3 star

Class hotel


Class four-star hotel has a high level of service and for the people with average and above average income. Typically, a four-star hotel characterized by good location, it can be located in the city center or on the first line of the beach. Mandatory presence of guarded parking, and in large hotels have their own taxis and minibuses. This category involves a number of additional free services: gyms, tennis courts and swimming pools, a variety of entertainment shows and a disco. Furniture in the rooms as in the ordinary living room, with standard appliances. Colour TV with remote control, refrigerator, mini-bar, air conditioning, alarm system, in-room safe, make sure your phone with the HSE. Some hotels provide irons for ironing, and have a system remote control light. As you can order such hotels as a standard single or double room, and rooms with improved layout, which involves not only the bedroom and living room or kitchen.

hotel class 4 starhotel class 4 star

Class hotel


The most prestigious hotel status around the world. It is a city with all the necessary infrastructure for life. The hotel has several restaurants (with European and national cuisine), bars, nightclubs and shops. As well as hairdressing and dry cleaning, fitness and business centers, swimming pools and beauty parlors. Rooms in them are very different: from single rooms with one bed to a multi-room apartments. Business people in some hotels have business rooms - with a multi-channel telephone, computer, fax and meeting room. In any hotel room five star class must be a complete set of necessary cosmetics in the bathroom, the bed slippers, mini-bar, telephone, color TV, air conditioning and other luxury goods, to facilitate everyday life.

hotel class 5 starhotel class 5 star

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