Aradippu - one of the fastest growing municipalities in Cyprus situated near Larnaca.

The town is famous for its football teams, such as Omonia and Ermis Aradippu Aradippu. The first club holds games in the second division, the second is a member of the Cyprus Champions League football. Home matches of both teams are on Aradippu stadium, and the game can see everyone.

One of the most interesting and famous sights of the city, is perhaps the historic Museum Island - Museum of Folk Art Costas Kaymakliotisa - which offers visitors to plunge into the history of Cyprus. It consists of several rooms, each of which has a distinctive ambience: in another one demonstrated decoration traditional Cypriot house - kitchen utensils, in the third located looms, which, incidentally, is still functional and they can test anyone, in the fourth you can see farming tools, and the last, the fifth, is dedicated to all the artisans.


In addition to the historical museum in Aradippu there is one of the largest amusement parks all over the island - Lucky Star Park. Here there is entertainment for young and old, for children and adults - many attractions, a variety of cafes, restaurants, exciting games.

Фотографии Aradippou