Enkomi (Engomi) - a small town destroyed in the eastern part of the Republic of the North Cyprus. On the territory of the ancient city were numerous excavation sites, and what he is famous for.

The settlement of interest to archaeologists in the early twentieth century. Thanks to numerous excavations have established that earlier this place is laminated as scientists call it, settlement, which arose as early as the third millennium BC. It was a center of civilization on the island, which has served as an active sale Cyprus copper around the eastern Mediterranean.

The most Enkomi peak flowering occurs in the second half of 1300 BC - about This is evidenced by the wealthiest of all the archaeologists discovered the burial. It was during this period, the city became the capital of ancient Cyprus, was surrounded by huge defensive walls and fortresses, subjected to invasions by enemies. In 1200 BC, war broke out in Turkey between the Achaeans and the Dorians, in which losers Achaeans decided to take Cyprus. Stone and, as it seemed, strong walls surrounding the capital, could not keep from burning Enkomi invaders, and the subsequent earthquake "dobilo" city, which remained only destroyed houses and the foundation wall.

Not far from the ruins of the monastery of St. Barnabas is - now inactive monastery, in a building which is an archaeological museum, which brought together a collection of archaeological excavations as a Enkomi destroyed, and the whole of Northern Cyprus as a whole.

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