Apostolos Andreas Monastery

Monastery of St. Andrew, built in the 18th century, located near the town of Famagusta, which is the island of the Karpas. Nowadays the monastery almost nothing is known, as all historical data has been lost. However, there is a legend that in the 1st century BC ship, which carried out the voyage to Palestine, which was the Apostle Andrew, ruled by a captain, who during the voyage had lost his sight. And then the Apostle Andrew ordered the sailors to go ashore and find the sacred spring, which, he claimed, would heal of capital. Arriving on the shore, the sailors scoured the island in search of the source, but found nothing. Then the Apostle Andrew, went down to the ground, pointed to a boulder. The Mariners moved him, and there scored source. Water there back sight captain for 2 days.

After returning home the captain ordered an icon with a face of the Apostle, and took her to the place of the spring, and since then this place became a shrine where pilgrims gathered every day in the hope of healing. At this place it was built the monastery, which today gathers the faithful under his dome.

Now the building looks dilapidated, but thanks to the atmosphere of peace and quiet is a favorite place to visit all the tourists.

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