Cape Apostolos Andreas

The Cape of Apostolos Andreas is the main attraction of the northern coast, as it can be seen far out to sea, so even the XVII century it served as a kind of reference point for ships both trade and war. This landmark was a fat point applied to the set of sea maps of the world.

In general, the huge boulder, located on a hill semidesyatimetrovoy very rich history that dates to the Middle Ages. Here at different times were tremendous battles, both at sea and on land, as evidenced by two crumbling bastion strengthen located just half a kilometer from the Cape. It would seem that this historic land had passed from hand to hand, then converge the interests of the Muslim and the Christian world, were built Orthodox churches and mosques, some of which were subsequently destroyed, but still cape was named in honor of the Great St. Andrew the Apostle, his monastery located nearby . Therefore, here are now bringing in numerous tours with tourists, because here more than enough attractions.

This rocky coast, rocks like teeth look out from under the water, there's a lot of underwater caves, which can be down diving, under the guidance of an experienced instructor. In general, diving in the area is the most basic entertainment for tourists, because the water off Cape is a museum of historical objects, the remains of destroyed buildings, shipwrecks, statues and more. But the most important thing in visiting Cape St. Andrew almost no difficulty, since it can be easily reached by car, but the best is the view from the sea.

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