Kantara Castle

Kantara Castle - a wonderful castle, located at the beginning of the Karpaz peninsula. As with St. Hilarion and Buffavento locks, he was part of a chain of fortifications along the coast of the northern part of Cyprus.

The history of the castle is fairly interesting. Fortress got its name "Kantara" in honor of the name of the mountain, on which there is - it comes from the Arabic word meaning "bridge" or "arch", and was given to this place, obviously, because of the shape. Earlier, on the site of the castle was a monastery of the Virgin Mary Kantar, a small chapel that still could be seen on top of the mountain. In the X century the Byzantines "converted" convent in a guard post, and came to the XII century to the authorities of Louisiana, to protect the island from the constant attacks of foreigners, we decided to build this place a chain of castles, fortresses. They had a relatively small area, since only the military units located in them. Subsequently, most of them were destroyed, and the eastern part, where the entrance was located, well kept - this is Kantara. However, now it is just ruins, overgrown with trees towering above cliffs and attracting tourists for its beautiful views, because the castle is located at an altitude of 630 meters above sea level. No wonder this place is considered one of the most romantic on the island. At the foot of the mountain village of Kantara is the same name, where you can stay for the duration of the fortress of the study. Where you can have lunch at a local cafe, or to beachfront restaurant, located a few minutes away.

Фотографии Kantara Castle

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