Karpass Peninsula

This beautiful place north Cyprus, where the wilderness is fragrant and attracts people from all over the world. Karpas peninsula is a Greek national treasure, which is under UNESCO protection, as it grows rare species of flowers and live animals listed in the Red Book. Mountains touch the skies and it is possible to witness, as in these areas carry numerous excursions. Tourists can enjoy many hours of hiking, the entire route is on foot, as there are no roads, only narrow paths, but this does not frighten skolechko visitors. Climb to the top of Salos is hard enough, but it's worth it, because on the way common cold waterfall, water, which falls into a kind of bathing, bathing in which is not necessary because it only 4 degrees temperature, but you can get a drink and dial with a life-giving water. It is said that the water in the pool Salos healing, it is rich in silver and radon. On the eastern slope is several caves, the so-called flying or hovering tovasokov gods, the legend of which is alive and tell her all travelers to visit these places.

In general, the peninsula is simply created for tourism, because there is everything for holidaymakers and mountains and green meadows, and even the huge size of the beach, but there is the necessary infrastructure for living, so here carry only excursions. But one such excursion is more than enough, because many of them stretch for a few days, and during this time you can get around the main sights, and most importantly soak up the sun on the golden sands of the desert beach.

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