Latinlerin St. George Church

The Church of St. George of the Latins - the former Catholic church located in Famagusta, and more precisely in the northern part of the old city.

The first parish church was founded in the middle of the XIII century, and completed towards the end of the century. The materials of which the construction was built, were brought from the ruins of Salamis - the biggest and the fortified city of Hellenistic Cyprus, located just 6 km from Famagusta. Church of St. George the Latins distinguished for its amazing architecture, which is a classic example of late Gothic style. The name "Latins" it was due to the fact that a little to the east is another church of St. George, but now Greek.

From the history of the temple it is known that after his education he, after three hundred years been devastating bombardment of the Turks, who tried from 1570 to 1571 to capture Famagusta, which led to the considerable the destruction of the church. To this day, "survived" only remains of the northern and eastern walls, and a small part of the viper.

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