Othello Castle

Othello Castle is truly a masterpiece of military defense structures of the thirteenth century, when the city Famagusta subjected to constant attacks by the Turks, largely thanks to him that this part of the Cyprus kept as long as possible. Moreover fortifications later time, continuously improved and brought to mind. The Byzantines, the British and the Turks naturally embody their defensive ideas to life on this fortified building.

At the top are three towers with four loopholes for guns each, which can fire almost the entire perimeter defense line. Between the towers were broken strengthening extended in line for shooters who have been virtually inaccessible to enemy fire, although they themselves were advantageous position for shooting. Inside the castle is located a number of buildings: a soldier's barracks, a warehouse of weapons and ammunition, cellar for storing food, small stables for 50 horses, and a few houses for the officers.

Now Othello Castle lead tours, especially the tourists have something to see here. View from the turret opens just amazing, with her all seen in the area at 20 kilometers, is a great place that would be considered in detail and the city of Famagusta. Inside the castle you can explore all the details. Local guide in detail tell and show, because it is the main attraction and the pride of the city.

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