Panagia Kanakaria Church

The Church of Panagia Kanakaria is located in a picturesque corner of northern Cyprus, where many holy places for all Orthodox Christians throughout the world. The building itself was built in the birth of our era on the territory of the former Byzantine Empire. Over time, part of the buildings were destroyed by wild Turkish tribes, which are often held their treacherous attacks on the part of the world. At the beginning of the second millennium it happened the devastating earthquake, which also had a negative impact on the foundation of the temple. Nevertheless, the church of Panagia Kanakaria constantly restored, even in our time.

This temple is famous for its icons made of multicolored mosaic, which depicts almost all the saints, to see firsthand their can be anyone who has visited Cyprus. Quite a lot of the parishioners, among the tourists who go to these places as excursions. There is something to see, and the main thing is to know the beauty and the deep sense of spirituality, because this is where he took one of his orthodoxy began. This is truly a sacred place, located in the mountains. Only here there are images of saints made in the IV-V century AD of colored stones in mosaic form, these images have on the walls. The church has among its outbuildings and a small playground, paved with stone, where you can see all the surrounding countryside, and above all the entire temple. In any case, visiting Cyprus, it is worth visiting the church of Panagia Kanakaria city Famagusta, where you can touch the ancient shrines of the local region.

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