Salamis Ancient City

On the Karpas peninsula lie the ruins of the ancient city of Salamis, who was the thousandth BC, the capital of Cyprus. The ruins of the city are located on an area of ​​over 2500 square kilometers along the coastline.

The importance of the city as a historical monument, says destroyed the theater arena, with a capacity of more than 15,000 people. Up to the present day in a good state of conservation of the ancient school, which leads to the trail, lined with a mosaic. Just walking around the area, you can meet a lot of dilapidated baths and steam rooms, an indoor stadium, galleries and many more ancient buildings. That is the form in which all survived to this day, says that before the construction was carried out with great care, because no war, no earthquakes, no thousands of years buried under tons of sand were not able to destroy the former beauty of human creation.

In ancient times the city was very rich and beautiful, it says a great many marble columns, statues and colored mosaics that have survived to this day. In the center of the Karpas it is one of the largest churches in the peninsula - St. Epiphanes. The sad events that began in the VII century, when the city invaded Arab conquerors, led to ruin of the city and the fact that residents were forced to leave their homes. For years, the city dismantled on the stones, plundered, exported wealth and statues. It lasted until the XIX century, until the Cyprus government has not awarded the city a historical monument status.

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