Kato Polemidia

City Kato Polemidia is truly the pearl of tourism. There is still in the fifties of the last century seventeen first-class hotels have been built, which have reached perfection in our time. In this city of Cyprus tourists are not quite on a long time, for the duration of the various excursions and a lot of them here, the more saturated the local edge of historical attractions and rich cultural heritage.

Anyone who wants to offer here to visit vineyards and wine farms where you can taste excellent wines and take part in its manufacture and bottling. In this region planted many fruit trees that adorn even the city center. Also guided tours on high tea plantations, where the field goes into the sky. But the main attraction Alhetona heart of stone to which you want to climb high into the mountains. All the way in one direction only takes about five hours, but it's worth it. To the heart, which stands on the stone step, come to couples, because in one of the local legends, those who visit the heart of the sunset in the most romantic time of the day, the romance will live in his heart forever and it never will part with your loved one.

There is only one drawback Kato Polemidia that to the sea it is necessary to get a taxi, but there is a private pond, where you can also soak up the sunshine and swim in the crystal clear and warm water.

Фотографии Kato Polemidia