Kyrenia town with a population of 62 thousand people, located on the northern coast of Cyprus. Islanders consider Cyrene one of the most picturesque towns of Cyprus. Pressed by mountains to the sea, the old town down to the small cozy bay. The city is located on the territory of the unrecognized republic of Northern Cyprus, which is why, not long ago, this part of the island was inaccessible for tourists from the southern part of Cyprus. Now when crossing the border legally and does not represent any difficulties, do not miss the opportunity to see new places.

The city is officially forbidden to build houses higher than 5 floors, can be so it seems that time stood still here. Only moored at the marina boats and boats are reminiscent of the XXI century. Crescent City Quay tables crowded with countless coffee shops, taverns and small fish restaurants.

The first mention in the annals of the Kyrenia appear in Egyptian documents of the era of Pharaoh Ramses III. Subsequently, it became an important center of maritime trade with Asia Minor and Greece, after the inclusion of Cyprus in the Roman Empire. During this period, the city was built a fortress to protect the harbor from the attacks of enemies. In the X century the fortress was expanded and became the residence of Isaac Comnenus, Staggered in 1191 by the Crusaders. Kiriniyskaya fortress was repeatedly besieged by the Genoese, but was never taken. In 1878, when Cyprus was occupied by Britain, it was built highway to Nicosia through Kiriniysky ridge, new schools, hospitals, hotels first. After the Greco-Turkish War of city commercial value has decreased, which led to slow the outflow of population, and the main source of income has become tourism.

July 20, 1974 Kyrenia was the first city captured by the Turkish invasion, which led to the exodus of the Greeks in the southern part of the island and the economic crisis. Currently, there is a parallel in the Nicosia Greek Municipality of Kyrenia and residence kiriniyskogo Archbishop of Cyprus Orthodox Church.

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