Antiphonitis Church

This church is a masterpiece of architecture and painting, because it is part of the old church, built in the VII century BC, the descendants of the great Byzantine, who certainly knew a lot about the art of the construction of sacred temples. Over time, the main temple was destroyed, but the church is very similar to the chapel remained. She miraculously survived after the arrival of the Ottoman Turks, as they tend to be on the occupied territories of the Orthodox churches and temples made of the mosque. But one of the descendants of the founding Antifonitisa bought it sacred to all Christians place high in the mountains, hidden in dense vegetation old building, which has a great value, basically a spiritual course.

With Antifonitisom involves a lot of old legends, one of them then you can hear the voice of God. In general, the church dedicated to the Mother of God the Virgin Mary. Now this place comes a lot of tourists here carry excursion with almost all the resort areas of Cyprus. Tour itself takes place in the same breath, because the transition distance on a hilly terrain takes a couple of hours and there is also on the road, what to see, especially the local kiriniysky region is very picturesque, famous sights you will not see anywhere else.

Once in the temple, you will realize that plunged into the history of local life and Orthodox religion. Everywhere on the walls depict the faces of the saints, who, in spite of the time, preserved in good condition.

Фотографии Antiphonitis Church

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