Bellapais Abbey

Bellapais Abbey - one of the most beautiful monuments of Gothic architecture, located in the northern part of the island of Cyprus, near the town of Kyrenia, in the eponymous village of Bellapais.

The history of the Abbey began in the late twelfth century, when the Order of Augustinian monks who arrived settled in the territory of the foothills Kiriniyskogo Ridge. It was then, in 1198, construction began Augustinian monastery of Saint Mary Mountain. Subsequently, the building was transferred to the Order of Premonstratensians, which was built in the early thirteenth extant monastery, located near the entrance. The most flourishing of the whole complex accounts for the forties and fifties, the thirteenth century: at that time were brought to a fragment of the Holy Cross and 600 Besant, which attracted a huge number of pilgrims with a large number of donations.

Since the end of the thirteenth and fourteenth century to the middle of the complex was rebuilt, changed, expanded. Kings Hugo third and fourth Hugo took an active part. During their reign Abbey acquired its present appearance.

In 1373 invaded the island Genoese plundered the complex, stealing relics, which brought the popularity of the abbey. After the event was abandoned by the monks of Bellapais, near its full decline. In the first half of the last century monastery complex is partially destroyed, underwent restoration. Today Bellapais Abbey - this famous ruins of earlier monastic complex. Nevertheless, the ruins of buildings considered to be one of the main attractions of the island, which attracts large number of tourists.

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