Buffavento Castle

Castle Buffavento is nothing more than a historical site north of Cyprus. This construction is expected to eleventh century BC buildings, located on a hill Kyrenia mountain range, nearly km altitude above the sea level.

The castle is very well located from a military point of view, although it was built by the Byzantines and to protect his empire from the numerous raids of the Arab tribes. Of course, the structure itself is destroyed by 60%, but it does not change its historical significance, especially to the ruins Buffavento brought on a tour of the tourists, including from Russia. Here then is opened to the human eye an incredible picture of the surrounding landscape, where you can see the green fields of vineyards and tea plantations.

Walking through the ruins of the castle can be seen at the top of the structure, the stone remains of the site for a signal light, slits arranged in a circle. And inside there are several rooms with metal bars, by the way quite well preserved. These rooms were in the 14th century as a sort of prison cells, where prisoners of war were kept mainly. After visiting the castle Buffavento traveler fully dipped into the history of the local region, which is fabulously beautiful and speaks of the man a lot.

Фотографии Buffavento Castle

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