Kyrenia Castle

Kyrenia Castle is located in the northern part of the island of Cyprus, in the Kyrenia harbor. The history of this castle is similar to many other stories. Originally, back in the twelfth century, the Byzantines erected this building to protect their land from the Arabs. Subsequently, the castle was transferred, as they say, "from hand to hand" until it was captured British King Richard the Lionheart. Three years, since 1208, the fortress was transformed into a castle, the territory expanded, appeared a royal residence, the new tower and the main entrance. But the "live" all this beauty is short-lived: the fortress virtually destroyed during another war. It restored the Venetians, but soon the building was re-captured, the Turks now that they have turned into a military-defensive base. It was only in the mid-twentieth century, when Cyprus gained independence and ended all the wars with Turkey, Kyrenia Castle opened its doors to tourists as the main attraction of the city.

Not only is the territory of the castle is the most famous and unusual city museum - the Museum of the shipwreck, where you can contemplate the old ruined ship of the fourth century BC (found in 1965), there is also stored a lot of icons, pictures, objects found archaeologists, and museum is located next to the Byzantine church of Saint George, recently restored. From the walls of buildings offer beautiful views of the Kyrenia harbor, the mountains, the ancient city, the sea. It is this combination of ancient and modern, beautiful and terrifying their destructions attracts tourists from all over the world!

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