Saint Hilarion Castle

Breathtaking, pass by a Turkish military base, near which are prohibited to stop and you can see the warning about the ban on photographing To get to St. Hilarion Castle you have to ride a few kilometers along the serpentine ridge Kiriniyskogo.

The construction of the castle began in the 7th century. It was intended to protect the civilian population from the countless attacks of the Arab conquerors. There is a legend that the castle acquired its name from the hermit Hilarion, who spent his last years on the grounds of the castle, and there was also buried. On his grave years later the church was built, around which later built a monastery.

The castle constantly build up high walls for better protection. As a result, it was built 3 lines of defense. The bottom tier was used soldiers and servants. There were also a dining room, a barn and warehouse storage. church, royal apartments were built on average, ballrooms, kitchens for high society and toilets. Entrance to this level located above the suspended bridge. At the third level housed the royal garden for walks, which offers a great view of the sea.

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