Lakatamia - a suburb of the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, located in the southwest of the city.

History of the settlement begins with the first mention of it in 1436, when one of Louisiana graphs presented the village to his niece. Initially the population was Greek, and after Cyprus was captured by the Turks, it increased several times, as part of the invaders selilas in Lakatamia. Due to the large flow of new residents, the population was divided into three parts: Kato Lakatamia, Kolouras and Pato Lakatamia. Until the mid-twentieth century on the territory of the suburb lived together Greek and Turkish communities, but in the riots of the late fifties, the Turks moved to Nicosia. After the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, a huge number of refugees from the northern part of the island settled in Lakatamia, which led to a huge increase in the population - nearly 8 times.

In the suburbs there is a bright and outstanding attractions, but it is good because it is located only 15 km from the capital: a house can be rented for a small fee in a quiet area of ​​Lakatamia and on trips go to Nicosia, it takes very little time.

Фотографии Lakatamia