Larnaca can be proud of its contribution to the rich cultural past of the island of Cyprus. Larnaca is built on the spot where once stood the ancient city of Kition, one of the ancient city - states of the island of Cyprus, as well as the center of development and spread of Christianity. Kition was the place where was born the Greek philosopher Zeno, who founded the Stoic school of philosophy, and wherein each of Christ found refuge Lazarus. Since IX century BC the Phoenicians began to arrive here later in the XII century BC the city Achaean Greeks settled. In the XVIII century, the city became the commercial center of the island, is here opened their mission all European consuls.

Larnaca has its own unique charm. Every winter, the nearby salt lake make a stop thousands of flamingos, wild swans and other migratory birds. Larnaca District is rich in various places, especially the ancient Byzantine and Moslem monuments, such as, for example, the restoration of the mosque of Hala Sultan.

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