Larnaca Castle

Larnaca Castle (also known as the Fort of Larnaca) - historical museum located in the southern part of the "date-Prom" (Finikoudes Promenade). Previously, it was a fortress, which was founded by Europeans in the fourteenth century for the defense of the southern coast of Cyprus, starting from the port of Famagusta and finishing strait Akrotiri. The same locking function performed, and later, when the Venetians came to power. In the seventeenth century the entire defensive fortress, together with the island passed into the hands of the Ottoman Empire. In 1625, the Larnaca Fort was rebuilt since that time has almost collapsed. Turkish craftsmen rebuilt the fortress, creating a virtually new and modern at the time lock, combines style Romanesque and Ottoman cultures. In the late nineteenth century, the castle was restored again, but now the British, who gave the building a police station. After 70 years, after the last penalty in the Fort, Larnaca Castle became a historical museum, and this is today.

In the northern part of the Fort of Larnaca are two-storey buildings preserved in the Ottoman style, one of which carries the input function and the patio, and the second was formerly a place for executions, equipped with the British. On the second floor is the museum itself. It provided the Middle Ages exhibits - from finishing fourth and seventh-eighth centuries.

Larnaca Castle is open to visitors seven days a week. Tickets cost quite inexpensive - no more than two euros, which is affordable for every guest who had come.

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