Larnaca Salt Lake

Salt Lake Larnaca - is one of the wonders Cyprus, located just west of the city of Larnaca. Actually, it's not just the lake - is a small system with a total area of ​​about five square kilometers, which includes multiple reservoirs - Orfani, Soros, Spiro and Aliki.

Miracle called him a reason - in the summer, when the heat envelops the island, Larnaca lake dries up, and instead formed a few centimeters salt layer, but when it is full of water, flock here a lot of amazing and rare species of birds. The extraordinary find, and its origins - until now scientists could not come to a conclusion, where do such increased salinity of the lake: some believe that the salt gets into the water from the soil deposits, the other - that the whole "blame" sea water seeping from underground water. But according to legend, the lake appeared due to Larnaca famous phrase Lazarus. Once upon a time this place was a huge vineyard. While in these parts, of St. Lazarus, the first bishop of the ancient Kition (on the site of which the city of Larnaca today), noticed the bright cluster of grapes, and asked the hostess some berries in order to quench their thirst. Greedy old woman lied, saying that the entire crop was lost to drought - dried up, and the one that was in her baskets, not grapes, and common salt. Then Lazarus said to her: "Let the salt so be it!". And at the same moment all the grapes turned into salt, and subsequently is formed salt, the salt lake.

Today, the lake is considered to Larnaca reserve and has international significance as a habitat for rare water birds.

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