Stavrovouni monastery

Stavrovouni monastery is situated on a mountain top at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level.

The legend says that the monastery was founded in the IV century of St Helena - the mother of Emperor Constantine the Great, who at the time commanded the storm to stay on the island of Cyprus. He appeared to her angel instructed to establish a monastery on the island, five churches and leave a particle of the Holy Cross on which Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem-found it. Today it is the main relic of the monastery - the ancient cypress cross in a silver frame containing a particle of the Holy Cross. It is installed in a special niche in the southern part of the first tier of the iconostasis in the cathedral church. Stavrovouni monastery is decorated with many frescoes, most of which depicts the life of St. Helena and the Holy Cross itself.

The monks follow strict rules that have been adopted in the monasteries of Mount Athos in Greece. Women are not allowed to visit the monastery. Men are free to get to the monastery, but only during certain hours - from 8 am to 5 pm, except for lunch break from 12 to 14 hours. 14 September, the day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, is the feast day.

At the foot of the hill on which stands the monastery of Stavrovouni is a farmstead of St. Barbara, where he works known to the whole of Cyprus icon-painting workshop.

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