Latsia - a small village on the outskirts of the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia. Situated on the south-eastern suburbs it is by far the largest and most populous of all the suburbs of the city.

The main attraction of Latium - a huge stadium gymnastic association "Pankipriya", built in the late twentieth century, in 1999. Though he seems to be small relative to international standards, on his island is considered the largest. Today, there are a lot of home games with commands such as FC "Olympiacos" FC "APOEL" FC "Omonia", in addition annually Cyprus Super Cup. Earlier, the Cyprus National Football Team also conducted on GSP home games. The stadium holds a nearly twenty-three thousand spectators, of which approximately 7800 are situated on the western tribune, almost 5000 - on the east, and 4800- on the north and south. There is also a VIP area for 400 people. Next to the football field is located athletics stadium with a capacity of 5200 people. Between football and track and field indoor areas is Square, which separates the two stadiums. It can be equipped and fully customizable for any occasion, be it a wedding, fairs, concerts, and so on.

In addition to the largest stadium in the territory of Latsia built campus of the International University of Cyprus.

Фотографии Latsia