The Cyprus Lefkas city is located in the bowl of the mountain range, although some hills and go to the territory of the town, adding the beauty of the mind. All the buildings here speak about the history of these places, as new after so many centuries, almost none of which was not added, only just been restored.

A story from Lefko very rich. In this city, in the XII century Persian kings gathered and Slavic princes, where the fate of faraway lands, but a hundred years later, in this flourishing region came the war, which brought a lot of trouble. Sometimes even the fact that the city was razed by the Turks Ottomans. But then, when the Ottoman Empire took control of the region, they have brought here and their culture and way of life, although much remained of the Greeks.

In Lefke many medieval mosques and two Orthodox churches. Tourists are now bringing in here from the capital on a trip, but on request can be and stay a few days in one of the local hotels, although the numbers in them very little and often, in the tourist season, they scored under the string.

Walking through the streets of the city, one can see many monuments of architecture and various statues, located in the courtyard of the palace of Vouni, high in the mountains. Lefkas literally immersed in the citrus trees, which are available in almost every yard. But most tourists are attracted by local promenade, the pier where there are modern yachts of various types, which you can even go to sea, and enjoy a refreshing breeze and the surrounding views.

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