Vouni Palace

Once upon a time Vuni Palace had a special status, lived here all visiting kings and the kings of the V-VI century BC. Since the construction, he played the role of a modern hotel, housed in the same and traders from different countries. Therefore Vuni Palace has repeatedly expanded its territory added numerous buildings.

Dining rooms famous for their decoration, as here has large stables. The main building was more than one hundred and thirty rooms. Along the perimeter of the yard stood six statues of ancient gods, including the statue of soaring tovasoka. But after two centuries in this region of Cyprus it came to a war that lasted more than four years. Therefore Vuni castle was gradually rebuilt under a kind of military fortress, the more the main building had a strategic position, as with all of its windows, the sea in sight almost completely, including the entire bay. The castle is located on a hill and it led to all the main roads leading into the city then. Therefore, in any case, that would get to the Lefko, it was necessary to go through the big gate Vouni. Naturally because of this castle many times was subjected to assault and was subsequently destroyed.

Something, of course, the left is a large tunnel leading deep into the earth, which were once the dug up the city and even in the XX century, they could go down tourists, but now for security purposes here no one goes down . Just restorers assembled several statues fragments, there is a large ancient chalice that has been preserved in perfect condition. In fact, the area of ​​the castle serves as an observation deck where you can enjoy all the beauty of Lefkas, well, the main sea view.

Фотографии Vouni Palace