Limassol is located on the south of the country and is considered a major economic and financial center. He also has a great cultural heritage. The exact date of its foundation is unknown. Scientists were able to only find out that in 2000 BC, the city already existed.

In 1221 the island was a strong earthquake, after which the city was rebuilt tedious. In 1373 Limassol was burned by the Genoese, and the XVI century, destroyed by the Turks. In 1974, another conflict with the Turks, the city served as a powerful impetus for more active development. Today, Limassol is the largest center of wine-making, and an important seaport. Here live mainly Greeks and Turks, British, Bulgarian, Russian, Filipinos and Armenians.

Limassol is located between the ancient cities of Amathus and Kourion, on the Bay of Akrotiri. Along the coastline in the district of a city there are numerous beaches, a length of about 80 kilometers. Due to its geographical location and favorable climate, the area has a rich plant and animal life and affects many tourists with its diversity. The city is surrounded by green trees and plants, among which there are also rare species.

In Limassol there are a few museums that are worth a visit, two water parks, one of which is located directly in the city center, and the proposed range of entertainment will appeal to both children and adults. Animal lovers should visit the city park, home to various species of animals - monkeys, lions, mouflon, elephants - and lots of birds.

Life in the resort does not disappear even in the winter. Locals and guests otryvaeyutsya in night clubs, drink fine wine of Cyprus and have fun day and night all year long. But do not think, at Limassol like to rest and families with children, as well as, respectable people, do not leave the notebook even on the beach or at the bar.

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