Amathus Old City

Amathus - the most famous ancient city of Cyprus, in the old days it is a significant place of worship of the goddess Aphrodite. Its history dates back to 1100 BC. There are many myths and legends as to whom and how the city was founded, but reliable data still under was found. In the past, the city was quite rich: had a port, the palace and engaged in the export of grain, due to what was a great revenue.

On a high cliff some distance from the city temple to the goddess Aphrodite was built, which attracts pilgrims from the surrounding land. Also there were held competitions among hunters, dancers and singers.

Nowadays, the city is the ruins of the ancient city of Amathus. In the closed area can be reached with a guided tour or on your own. With each visitor will be charged for further excavations. Passing through the area, you'll see a lot barrage places - just excavations conducted there. The most famous archaeological find - the sarcophagus - was exported from Cyprus and is now kept in the New York Museum.

Before our times from the prosperous in the Middle Ages Amathus little preserved - during the founding of the city Limassol it literally dismantled for bricks. But walking through the vast territory, you are sure to get a feeling for yourself the whole atmosphere that prevailed here thousands of years ago, and imagination with ease recreate its former beauty of the city, consisting of a dozen streets and hundreds of homes.

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