Kolossi Castle

Castle Kolossi - a fine example of fortified art. First there was a fortress here in the XIII century, and the current castle was built in the XV century. After the fall of Acre in 1291, the castle became the headquarters of the Grand Commander of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. In the XIV century it settled the Knights Templar. During his stay on the island of Knights organized the production and export of sweet wine, which was called - Commandaria. Today it is a traditional wine is considered one of the best in Cyprus and one of the oldest in the world. His name is not changed during the eight centuries.

The height of the walls Kolossi Castle is 22 meters, and a thickness - 2.5 meters. This allowed him to experience many earthquakes, even the devastation, in 1905, destroyed Limassol. But Kolossi is just seven kilometers away. On the facade of the castle are still visible family coat of arms belonging to the Lusignan dynasty, as well as the coat of arms of Jerusalem, which for a while held the family.

On the other hand the castle are the ruins of the factory for the production of sugar belonging to the XIV century.

Kolossi Castle, despite its relatively small size, is one of the most popular tourist area of ​​Limassol. This place is a must visit for those who want to experience the charming atmosphere of antiquity, as well as enjoy the beautiful view of the old part of the city.

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