Kourion old city

Curion on Cyprus jewel of history and culture, to know that almost all the tourists tend to have visited in these parts. And it can be done only by visiting the old part of the city of Limassol, or rather its medieval half, which is called the Curio. This is where it all started even before our era, when the Romans ruled the island. Their culture is prevalent in a dilapidated city. The first is to draw attention to the great gaming pit with numerous stone benches in a circle and an open platform, designed just for games, which is housed when the fifteen-thousand spectators at the same time as the historians say it was always full. Yet there is evidence that there's not staged gladiatorial battles, which gave the most colorful and interest in this area, even in the distant merchants. It is not difficult to guess that the ancient pit was unprecedented beauty, as it is a masterpiece of architecture of the time.

Walking the streets of the old town you can see the old walled vineyard plantation. Cypriots to this plant are highly cherished, because winemaking craft in their blood. Just near here you can taste the masterpieces of winemakers, who are happy to tell their story of these places. In general, everything here is immersed in greenery, fruit trees grow directly from a column of large statues of ancient gods, made of white stone kipelno. But most of all in Kourion tourists attracted large pools that are filled with sea water, and in which, of course, you can swim and try not transmitted sensations.

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