Limassol castle

Traveling to Cyprus any tourist should definitely visit the legendary castle, which is located in the harbor of the small town of Limassol. This castle and named Limasolskim, in the fourteenth century the Turks came here.

In general, the castle was rebuilt three times, at least in the Middle Ages, when this territory conquered by the Ottomans in Cyprus, they destroyed the fortress to defend it with the Byzantines. And at this point up is another castle, built by the Turks. Its purpose was the same, it is the protection of the harbor. several historical buildings located in Limasolskom castle, including the chapel, which was crowned by giving himself the English King Richard the Lionheart. Of course, the fortress nowadays had to be restored, as it has gone through a lot of soldier, but now it looks quite decent, especially since not long ago a museum was opened here, which collected a huge number of objects and items belonging to people of different ages, who lived in the city . But the main thing is a kind of museum of military glory, where samples of weapons and uniforms collected not only the Turks but also the Byzantine soldiers and British sailors, as well as the French pirates, calling at the water.

Now in Limassol opened several tourist hotels and even a resort area on the beach, this relaxing then any person will face perhaps the most important here, historic landmark medieval castle-museum that tells anyone who wishes about that hard life of people who lived in those distant and troubled times.

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