The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates

The Sanctuary of Apollo - is an ancient temple located in the city of Limassol, and built in the VIII century BC. More than a thousand years it served as a place of worship deities for the faithful, as long as the IV century it was destroyed by a strong earthquake. It is a 5-minute drive from the city of Limassol in an incredibly beautiful place.

Temple was built in honor of the Forest God - Apollo Ilatisa in the archaic period.

To this day, numerous remnants of the Roman era - the oldest stage for the struggle between the athletes, warehouse, where hidden treasures in the old days, the altar where offerings made gifts. In the distance you can see the place, resembling an ancient gym - bars and horizontal bars collected here after school gymnastics school students, which has been preserved until today. Nearby are dilapidated dormitories.

To visit the Sanctuary of Apollo will be interesting not only to people who are fond of history, this place will attract attention and adventure lovers. Having been here you can see how Cyprus has evolved throughout its history.

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