Sourp Kevork Church

The Church of St. George is a temple of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Limassol in southern Cyprus. Limassol is the second largest city on the island. At Cyprus special honor of St. George, as evidenced by the great number of churches dedicated to him. The only Armenian church in the city of Limassol is no exception, despite the fact that the Armenian community here has only 250 people.

It was built in 1939 and only once subjected to restoration. The Church does not own priest, so twice a month from Larnaca Armenian priest comes and conducts worship. In 1951, Armenian school was opened on the basis of the church. Now the school is not in the best condition, so the city should build a new school. Some teachers, as well as the priest, coming from Larnaca to teach children discipline.

Currently, the church is in a satisfactory condition and is used more as a place for traditional Armenian meetings than on a religious purpose.

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