Timios Stavros Monastery

The main attraction is the old village of Omodos, the now valid, the Monastery of the Holy Cross. In Omodos is difficult to get lost, and simply follow the main street up to abut directly into the church.

The local people believe that in the distant past of their ancestors who lived in the mountains, found in a cave in a cross that could heal any disease. Above the cave was built a small church, which began to arrive pilgrims from around the world, with time it expanded and in its place founded the Monastery of the Holy Cross.

The main relic of the monastery is a particle of the Holy Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified, and a fragment of the rope, which was tied his hands to a pole at the scourging. Accurate data on how and when these relics came to the monastery, has survived. There is a version that gave St. Helen monastery relics data. Also in the monastery relics of St. Philip and the relics of St. Nicholas. In 1850 the church was renovated by adopting its present form.

Фотографии Timios Stavros Monastery

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