The Water Museum

The city of Limassol water locals are treated with particular trepidation, because according to legend deep in ancient times because of her came six gods who created the earth and in later they began to help people to live. That is why in 2008 on the basis of an old pumping station a unique museum dedicated to water was created.

This is a two-storey building without walls, completely lined with glass containers of various sizes and volume, which are interconnected such as glass tubes and periodically powerful pump drives the circulation of water in the tanks, which stand on the floor or on a specially installed shelves . Therefore, in the museum itself, visitors can experience the full force of the water cycle and enjoy it, which symbolizes life itself. The inscription on this is available at the entrance.


But this is not everything in the museum its creators have decided to include, and a century, water production in the city. Therefore, here are collected various tools and devices of the twentieth century, for the production, transportation and storage of water. In the middle of the common room is a long stone ditch, natural glazed, in which with great force moves water mass. At the exit of the room are two trays, shelves, which are many glass figurines filled with water, it is the figure of the ancient gods, humans and even animals. Therefore, anyone can appreciate them and even buy a souvenir.

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