Nicosia (Greek name - Lefkosia) - the city with a rich historical and cultural heritage, located almost in the center of the island of Cyprus. The history of the city dates back to the Bronze Age.

In ancient times and early Christianity, it was known under the name Lidra and in the XI century, at the end of the Byzantine period was handsomely Cyprus. During the reign of the Lusignan city acquired a magnificent appearance, there were royal palaces and 50 churches. Now Lefkosia combines the historic monuments of past centuries and lively modern city. In the city center - the old choir, surrounded by the walls of the XVI century, museums, ancient churches and medieval buildings. There remained calm and unhurried atmosphere, characteristic of the previous years.

Outside the medieval walls of Nicosia becomes a very different - life here flows into the intense rhythm of the multinational capital city. To date, he remains the only capital in the world, divided into two parts. Just a few meters away, in rural areas, are available for inspection by travelers wonderful old churches and monasteries of the Byzantine period.

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