Archibishop's Palace

Archbishop's Palace is a major religious, political, cultural and national monument Nicosia. It was built in 1960 near the old building. The three-storey temple became a symbol of independence from Britain. Opposite the palace stands the statue of Makarios 3. The locals are very fond of their ruler and decided to pay tribute, to erect a monument in the heart of the city.

The Palace is a clergy representative Cyprus. In the palace arranged an art gallery. It contains books, murals, statues and paintings dating from the VIII century. There are also several museums: Museum of Folk Art and Museum of Byzantine. Hundreds of historical artifacts will be interesting to see not only the lovers of history.

Archbishop's Palace is located on a wide area; walking on it, you can see the old building, which houses the Museum 2. The palace is open daily, and stroll through its territory can be free, but inside you will not let go. Palace is located in the heart of Nicosia, and find it is not difficult.

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