Bandabuliya (Old Market)

Bandabulya Market in Nicosia was built during the British occupation, and operates to this day, every day, except Sunday. Hundreds of traders gather at the square to sell to tourists and residents of the ripest fruits and vegetables raised on the northern plantations, spices, souvenirs and a lot of nice gadgets.

The market is open from 6 in the morning and before dinner, so if you want to buy fresh meat, have to get up early and go to the opening in time to take a turn. Sellers love a bargain, so do not be lazy - you have a great opportunity to save money.

For those who like shopping, local merchants offer to purchase jewelry, expensive fabrics, leather bags and purses. On the territory of the market open shop that sells expensive clothes, bags and shoes for the whole of Cyprus famous designer Ayten Hussein, who was trained in London and returned to his homeland to make Cypriot even more beautiful.

At the market Bardabulya weekly cultural events. Local bands, dancers and singers appear before the audience in folk costumes under the pleasant motives Cyprus.

Фотографии Bandabuliya (Old Market)

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