Classic Car Museum

The most unknown Cyprus Museum - a museum of classic cars. Vehicles on which the preferred ride celebrities and politicians gathered for a century in the place of the museum founder - Suat Gunsel.

The exhibition presents more than a hundred models of cars, and this number is growing rapidly, as every month there are new exhibits, some of which date back to the beginning of the XX century. Each has its own unique and interesting history. The most famous car, located in the museum's collection - Bedford bus. As presented here cars, which drove the first President of Cyprus, the military and sports trucks.

Employees of the museum tell visitors stories associated with each machine, maintain cars clean and tidy, and are engaged in the restoration of cars admitted to the museum and preparing to become the new exhibits.

The museum is open from 8 am till noon. Entrance fee - 10 pounds. The museum is located on campus in order to get there you need to go to the high school building and turn left.

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