Classic Motorcycle Museum

The center of the old town of Nicosia is a museum of classic motorcycles, with more than 150 models of motorcycles. The founder of the museum is Nicolas Andreas, who was an ardent admirer of iron horses since childhood. Without his enthusiasm and support of the museum would just was not.

Tales of the as exhibits, collected and used during the XX century. There are not only well-known brands of motorcycle manufacturers; in the museum you will see a rare wartime motorcycles, which were transporting weapons and ammunition during the Second World War, as well as a motorcycle belonging to and brought victory cons Isa in the first competition for motorcycling.

You can get acquainted with newspaper clippings, old photographs and books devoted to the structure of motorcycles, while sipping delicious fresh coffee made for you employees.

The museum is open on weekdays from 9 to 18 hours, entrance fee - 5 Euros. To get to the museum is easy - take the bus, which should be to stop Solomos. Outside the square, you will find yourself right before the museum.

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