Cyprus Folk Art Museum

Folk Art Museum provides a unique opportunity for every visitor to experience an unforgettable flavor Cyprus. It was opened in 1950 by the famous Cypriot artist Diamatisom. The first time the museum was located in a small room, and consisted of no more than 500 exhibits. Over time, local people began to bring a gift to the museum their old things of historical interest and the number of presented items increased so that the museum moved to its own building.

In the museum several rooms; for the convenience of all the exhibits were divided into groups and placed in different rooms. The first room - room stories weaving art are represented here 4 machine, textile and clothing, woven linen here. Next is the arts and crafts room. Here are exhibited frescoes carved wooden sculptures. Next hall ceramic craftsmanship - jugs, vases, cups, pottery and household items objects are presented in a large assortment. Hall with household items and weapons to show visitors what life was like Greek for many centuries.

still Museum replenished with new exhibits and visiting it again, you'll be surprised to find a lot. The museum is open on weekdays from 8-30 to 1-30. Entrance fee - 1.7 Euro. You can get there by public transport.

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