Museum of Cyprus

Cyprus Museum in Lefkosia - is the largest and most important archaeological museum on the island. The museum building was built in the period of 1908-1924 years, when Cyprus was still a British colony. Later, some extensions were built, bringing the building acquired present appearance.

Visit the museum exhibits gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the development of civilization on Cyprus-from Neolithic times to the early Byzantine period (VII century). The museum's collections are replenished thanks to the extensive excavations, ongoing throughout the island. Found objects of antiquity and their study contribute to the development of archaeological science, but also in the study of the cultural past of the Mediterranean. Among the exhibits - dishes, jewelry, sculpture, coins, copper products, which are placed in the halls of the museum in chronological order. Here are representative of Cyprus to cultural objects of great artistic, archaeological and historical value. Thus, visitors of the museum rooms can see a cross idolicheskuyu figure excavated copper-stone age, the dishes start of the Bronze Age from the village Vouni, gold jewelry last bronze of Egkomi, as well as an old statue of Aphrodite from the city of Salt, dating back to the I century BC.

Working hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 8:00-18:00
Saturday: 9:00-17:00
Sunday: 10:00-13:00
Monday: closed.

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