Haydar Pasha Mosque

Built in the 14th century Haidar Pasha Mosque was the second largest church in Nicosia. Initially, the building housed a mosque Catholic Church of St. Catherine. After the conquest by the Turks of the island church was converted into a mosque got its name in honor of the distinguished himself in chief Haidar Pasha.

In spite of the destruction of the sculptural decoration, the mosque has retained a lot of unique details. Arches and windows made in the Gothic style, wall paintings and gargoyles show about old times. Built in the Gothic style, it was built in the likeness of the Hagia Sophia. Over time the Church expanded its territory and began acting nunnery.

The building served not only religious purposes, one time there was located a warehouse, held a ceremony to marriage, was used as a gym. The mosque is three entrances. Above the entrance is a solemn Lusignan coat of arms.

Currently, the mosque functions as a gallery and you can visit it for free on any day of the week.

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