Holy Mother of God Cathedral

Church of the Holy Virgin is the temple of the Armenian Apostolic Church in the capital of Cyprus Nicosia. Like any traditional Armenian Church, it is designed not only to meet the spiritual needs of society, but also a gathering place for most Armenians.

During the capture of the Turkish northern part of Nicosia, the Armenian diaspora has lost its church and joined the Turks. As a result, the president gave them the use of the old chapel for a time, until a new church will be built. In 1976 the foundation stone of the future church of the Holy Virgin was founded with the help of the World Council of Churches and the Government of Cyprus. The official opening and consecration took place in 1981, which was attended by the Catholicos of All Armenians Khoren I and Garegin II.

This is the only church in Cyprus built in traditional Armenian style, with a central octagonal dome and small dome for the bell. Many of the icons placed in the church are the work of the Lebanese-Armenian painter Zohrab Keshishian.

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