Leventis Municipal Museum

Leventis Museum - museum, which collected thousands of exhibits, telling about the history of Nicosia, since ancient times and ending our days. The museum, in fact - is a complex of buildings, in which an extensive historical collection is located.

The history of the museum itself is no less interesting than his "content": at the end of the nineteenth century, a merchant built three adjacent houses for his three daughters as dowry. One of them married a doctor from Athens - known all over the world Hippocrates, in whose honor and named the street where the museum is located Leventis, and, accordingly, settled in one of the houses. After nearly a hundred years, in the mid-eighties, the Mayor of Nicosia Dimitriadis decided to create a museum dedicated to the history of the city. This is the house is perfectly suited for this role, because it once lived himself Kippokrat! Unfortunately, the building was so destroyed that the restoration would take a lot of money and time. Patron of the Foundation Anastasios Leventis supported the idea of ​​the mayor, and thanks to its financial support in 1989, renovated and filled with so far is small, only about 300 exhibits, a collection building opened its doors as the Municipal Museum. A couple of years the city has acquired a landmark award from the European Committee of museums.


Today the museum has about ten thousand items in its collection. It can rightly be called the "time machine", which carries tourists to the far-distant past, a few thousand years ago, at the very beginning of the history of Nicosia. In addition to the main exhibition areas in the building are several special halls for exhibitions from different museums around the Cyprus.

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