Machairas Monastery

The monastery Maher (Machaira) located forty kilometers from the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia city, and is one of the most famous Orthodox monasteries male island.

The monastery was built in the twelfth century on the place of the existing village Lasagna. According to legend, before there was a cave, which was hidden Theotokos Maheriotyssy. For a long time no one knew where she was. But in the twelfth century, two monks, Ignatius and neophyte, found her in a mountain cave. However, the cave was surrounded by dense thickets through which only with a knife managed to overcome. "Knife" in Greek sounds like "Machaira", and that is why the monastery, and the icon received its name.


Initially, the money allocated to the Emperor of Byzantium small chapel was built. After some time, she transformed into a monastic complex with additional buildings. Moreover, Maher had a special status - the monastery was subject directly to the Patriarch.

In the late nineteenth century, actively developing Machaira was destroyed by fire. He managed to save only a certain icon. Towards the beginning of 1900 the monastery was restored, but it was empty. When Cyprus gained independence, Maher once again resumed its work, new chapels, churches were built, the buildings have been renovated, and opened a small museum, and erected a monument to the Hero of Cyprus - Grigoris Afksentiu ( " Maher Eagle ") that during the struggle for independence fought by British colonizers.

The monastery has long been a place of pilgrimage. It is home to a lot of monks engaged in agriculture. This is not surprising, because Machaira situated at an altitude of more than 900 meters above sea level, in a beautiful, unique in its beauty area that contributes to the spiritual goals of inner peace, who are looking for the monks.

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