Natural History Museum

The largest of Cyprus Museum - Natural History Museum - was opened in 1996 by the Foundation of Culture and Science Cyprus. The museum has more than 2500 exhibits. There priceless scientific and cultural monuments of the history of Cyprus state.

Hundreds of stuffed animals and birds presented in the Museum of Natural History, who lived and living in Cyprus. Stuffed boar, horses, deer, jackals, ostriches, and many other animals can be seen strolling through the museum.

Shellfish and corals, huge shells collected from the Mediterranean coast, are a treasure trove for lovers of the underwater world. The museum presents the maritime department stuffed underwater creatures - sharks, turtles and dozens of species of fish found in coastal waters. The most unusual museum exhibit - stuffed dinosaur. He guards the entrance to the park and attracts the attention of visitors with its awesome views. It was donated to the museum by George Floridesem.

The Natural History Museum is working on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm. Tours are conducted by employees of the museum for free. It is located in the old part of the city, can be reached by bus №150.

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