Panagia tou Moutoulla

The Church of Panagia tou Mutulla, it is most Blessed Virgin church, made in the Byzantine style, it is located in a nice village Mutullas, in the heart of the largest mountain Troodos system. The base of the church dates back to the distant year of 1280 and it was built on the donations of the spouses Ioannis and Irini Mutullasa. Tserova considered to be the earliest structure on the island. Initially, the building acted as the temple of their family, what you might expect to see their picture on the wall of the altar.

On the territory belonging to the church, arranged a special oven, which made tiles for the roof. The interiors are decorated with a large number of frescoes. The names of the authors, unfortunately, did not survive to the present day. You can go inside the church using high inputs either from the north or west side of the building.

In order to visit the interior must be arranged through the local residents with the custodian of the church.

The church was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site as a "church with frescoes in the Troodos Region" in 1985.

Фотографии Panagia tou Moutoulla

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