Selimiye mosque

The most important and beautiful religious attraction in Nicosia can rightly be called the Selimiye Mosque. It is located in the heart of northern Nicosia. Start of construction was marked in 1209 year, but the opening was only after nearly half a century. Historians have shown that the mosque was built on the ruins of the Roman-Catholic Cathedral of St. Sophia. By the end of the fifteenth century Hagia Sophia in Nicosia was the cathedral. However, after the coming to power of the Sultan Selim, who ruled the Ottoman Empire after the conquest of Cyprus, the cathedral rebuilt in the mosque all the images of people on the murals and sculptures were destroyed, tombstones covered with patterned carpets, and the walls are plastered. Later, the mosque was destroyed not only by human hands many times, but by the will of natural disasters.

Currently, the mosque is the most visited place in the northern part of Cyprus.

The mosque still serves as a house of worship, and enter into it can only be covered at the knees, shoulders, head and without obuvi.Vse anthropomorphic images inside the mosque and its architecture were destroyed.

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