Paphos most elite resort town on the island of Cyprus, which is also a cultural and historical center of it. It is a city woven of legends and myths. Legend has it that this is where lived the goddess Aphrodite, which gave much love. Actually, this feeling locals worship until now. Regardless of religious beliefs. For the sake of Aphrodite at Paphos food, hundreds of thousands of tourists. They believe that walking around the city is saturated with oxygen, a special body, and a visit to the places associated with the goddess, gives additional strength to love joys. Travelers year round wander to the birthplace of Aphrodite and her bathing. But not only the pagan gods glorified Paphos. It is said that the city came Paul, who converted to the Christian faith of the ruler of Cyprus Sergius Paulus.

Rest here mostly wealthy people. And certainly do not need to come here with children, as the resort is not focused on children's rest, there is not a children's animation programs or children's playgrounds. For first-class romantic city has prepared a sufficient number of cozy coves and secluded beaches, first-class restaurants and other infrastructure components. In the vicinity of the city is the famous beach of Coral Bay and the Akamas nature reserve stretches.

Today, the Cypriot city - a sample of eclecticism. Here, ancient history combine with modern infrastructure: shops, hotels, restaurants. Do you want to - walk on the ruins of the millennial want to - play a round of golf or a ride on a yacht.

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